Can I Be Fired Over the Phone?

Getting fired can be disorienting for an employee and the circumstances can be even more overwhelming when it happens over the phone. Employees may be concerned about whether it is legal to be fired over the phone and what steps they should take if they are fired over the phone.

In Massachusetts, it is permissible for an employer to fire employees over the phone, unless there is specific contractual language prohibiting it. So while it may be bad form to fire an employee over the phone, it is probably not illegal. However, that does not mean that employees should not be concerned if they are fired over the phone.

An employee who is fired over the phone should consider why their employer chose to fire them over the phone. If there are concerns that the employer is trying to avoid communicating the real reasons for the firing or to withhold final payments owed, that may be cause to discuss the firing with an attorney.

If you have been fired over the phone, your employer has not necessarily done anything wrong, but it may still be concerning. If you have concerns about your firing, or why it was done over the phone, you may want to consult an attorney. Ackerstein Law can work with you to discuss the circumstances of your firing and whether or not your rights have been violated.