Are You Allowed To See Your Personnel File?

Employee personnel files contain critical employment documents, such as employee performance reviews, disciplinary write-ups, job descriptions, and pay information. Massachusetts employees concerned about their employment status, rate of pay, or job duties, may be curious as to what information their employer is actually keeping in their file.

Fortunately, Massachusetts employers are required to provide employees access to their personnel file – which is why the answer to whether you are allowed to see your personnel file is absolutely yes.

Employers are required to provide access to an employee’s personnel file within five business days of the employee making a written request for their file. Employers are required to provide such access at least twice a year, though some employers may choose to provide access more than twice a year. Additionally, employers are required to notify employees when negative information is placed in an employee’s file. Where employees request to access their personnel file based on such notice, that does not count towards the twice a year access.

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If you are concerned about documents contained in your personnel file, documents that you believe are missing from your file, or your employment status, Ackerstein Law can help. You can contact me directly at [email protected] for more information about accessing your personnel file and protecting your workplace rights.