Do I Need An Attorney To File A Claim At The MCAD?

Massachusetts employees who have been subjected to workplace injustices may consider filing a claim at the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination. Before filing such a claim, employees may wonder “do I need an attorney to file a claim at the MCAD?” The short answer to that question is “NO” – employees do not need an attorney to file a claim at the MCAD. However, there are several reasons it may be helpful for employees to retain an attorney before filing at the MCAD.

An attorney familiar with the MCAD can help an employee (1) identify their claims, (2) determine whether the MCAD is the proper venue for their claims, (3) present their claims in the strongest light possible, and (4) analyze the potential value of their claims. Additionally, attorneys experienced at navigating the MCAD’s processes can help guide employees from the outset of their claim to its resolution. While employees are certainly capable of filing a complaint at the MCAD without an attorney, there are a number of benefits to retaining an attorney and employees may want to consider at least consulting with an employment attorney before filing at the MCAD.

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