Three Questions To Ask If Your Boss Yells At You

It’s not uncommon for a Massachusetts employee to get stuck with a boss who seems to constantly be yelling at them. Sometimes it may feel like all the yelling is unnecessary, unwarranted, or plain mean-spirited. While a supervisor or manager isn’t explicitly prohibited from yelling at employees, there are several questions Massachusetts employees should ask themselves if it feels like their boss is yelling at them too frequently.

1. Is my boss treating me differently than other employees?

If your boss is yelling at everyone frequently, it’s less likely that he is engaging in any prohibited conduct than if he is singling you out. If it feels like your boss is yelling at you, and only you, that might be an indication that your boss is doing something wrong. This is especially the case if you think your boss may be singling you out and yelling at you because of your race, national original, or your membership in a different protected category.

2. Is my boss making it impossible to do my job?

When your boss’ yelling makes functioning in the workplace on a daily basis
impossible, then it’s possible that the yelling has crossed a line and is
If a reasonable person in your position could not be expected to
work under such conditions, you may have legitimate concerns about the
habitability of your workplace.

3. Did I do something to prompt the frequent yelling?

If you think your boss is yelling at you because you reported workplace concerns, you may be concerned that the yelling is retaliation for your report. When your boss is yelling at you because he’s having a bad day, is a poor supervisor, or is overwhelmed, that may just indicate your boss is ineffective. However, if you think the yelling is because of protected conduct you engaged in, you might be right to be concerned about retaliation.

If you are concerned about being yelled at by your boss, or think your boss’ conduct may be prohibited by law, you should feel free to contact me directly at [email protected]. A boss’ constant yelling is an issue Massachusetts employees may be concerned about and Ackerstein Law can help address this, and other issues, employees face.